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Tailor Your Instant Space Commercial Temporary Buildings with Optional Extras

Discover Commercial Temporary Buildings from Instant Space

At Instant Space, we pride ourselves on using the highest specification materials in our designs, ensuring top performance for our clients. Our commercial temporary buildings can be customised with various optional extras, such as flooring, insulation, heating, and a wide range of doors, gates, and windows. These additions make our structures perfect for any storage or operational requirements.

Whether you need a temporary warehouse, storage site, loading bay, or just extra space for your business operations, we have the perfect solution. Our commercial temporary buildings are designed to be durable and versatile in any environment and can be quickly erected with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Explore the optional extras available for our commercial temporary structures below.

Sub-Roof Fabric Lining

Our sub-roof fabric lining serves as an excellent insulation layer for your temporary building, offering protection against condensation drip. This high-quality addition helps regulate the internal temperature of the structure, creating a comfortable environment for your stored goods or operations. By equipping your commercial temporary building with a sub-roof fabric lining, you’re not just enhancing its insulation but also extending its functionality and usability.

Suitable insulation will also serve to reduce your electricity costs and carbon footprint. Whether you need to keep the space cool in the summer or warm in the winter, a fabric lining is an essential addition to any commercial temporary building.

Many Of Our Temporary Structures Are Fitted With Sub-Roof Fabric Lining​
Insulated Wall Panels​ Allow Our Temporary Structures To Be Suitable For Use All Year Round

Insulated Wall Panels

To further improve insulation and energy efficiency, choose our insulated wall panels. These panels provide an extra layer of protection against the elements, ensuring your commercial temporary building remains comfortable and functional in various weather conditions.

This is especially important for industrial sites, where the external environment can be particularly hostile to your products. Our insulated wall panels will help protect your stored goods or operations from extreme temperatures, dust, and wind.

Versatile Flooring Systems

Choose from a range of flooring systems for your temporary structure for added protection and usability. Instant Space offers a range of flooring systems to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a heavy-duty floor for equipment storage or a more comfortable surface for events, our selection of flooring options will meet your requirements.

Commercial temporary buildings benefit from being able to be prepared on most surfaces without the need for a concrete foundation. This means that if you’re happy with the surface, you can have something as raw as a car park as your foundation, saving time and money. However, we offer a selection of options. Please get in touch for more details.

A Range Of Flooring Options Make Our Temporary Structures Perfect For Most Businesses
Your Staff Won'T Need To Sweat, Or Freeze, Thanks To Our Heating And Air Con Options

Heating and Lighting Systems

Thanks to the translucent PVC roofing we use for many of our temporary buildings, combined with artificial lighting options, you can turn your storage area into a fully functional workplace with plenty of ambient light.

Our range of lighting, heating systems, and air conditioning help to create a comfortable working environment in even the most challenging conditions. Whatever the requirement, our team will work closely with you to ensure your temporary structure is equipped with the best solution, designed to suit the unique needs of your business.

Glazed Window Panels and Glass Doors

Temporary structures don’t have to be plain and dark. As well as our translucent ceilings allowing plenty of light, you can add glazed window panels and glass doors. These help to provide ventilation and further improve the aesthetic of your temporary structure, turning it into a pleasant workspace and enhancing the structure’s looks to match the existing buildings at your location better.

Glazed doors also improve visibility and access for staff and visitors, ensuring a secure and safe environment.

Strengthen Your Transport Business With Instant Space'S Flexible Commercial Temporary Buildings

Let Us Create the Perfect Commercial Temporary Building for You

Instant Space’s commercial temporary buildings can be tailored to your specific requirements with a variety of optional extras. From insulation to heating and lighting, our customisable solutions provide the versatility and functionality needed to accommodate diverse industries and applications. Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a personalised quote for your ideal temporary structure. Get in touch to learn more about our commercial temporary buildings and how they can benefit your business.