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Temporary Buildings - What are the costs and savings?

Exploring the Cost of Constructing Temporary Buildings

When evaluating the cost per square metre of industrial, retail and storage buildings, an alternative that emerges as both cost-effective and practical is the temporary modular building. The appeal of this option lies in the fact that it provides the same amount of space at approximately 25% of the cost of a conventionally constructed building. Let’s explore the other cost ramifications for a temporary building. 

Economical Alternative to Traditional Structures

The temporary building costs are considerably lower than a permanent structure, and can result in savings of up to 75% in comparison. Whether you’re looking to extend your existing premises or require temporary storage structures for a specific function, a building from Instant Space offers a better, more cost-effective solution. These temporary buildings offer several advantages over traditional buildings, including lower build costs and uncompromised functionality due to their semi-permanent nature.

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Temporary Workshop - Storage Warehouse Interior

Considerations on Rateable Value

It’s important to consider that a temporary building’s rateable value will likely be significantly less than that of a traditional structure. 

The reason for the reduced rates is because these buildings are freestanding and functionally portable, making them similar to capital investments like pallet racking. As such, the rateable value assessed by your local authority will likely be lower, given these structures can be easily disassembled, relocated, and reused.

Versatile Flooring Systems

Choose from a range of flooring systems for your temporary structure for added protection and usability. Instant Space offers a range of flooring systems to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a heavy-duty floor for equipment storage or a more comfortable surface for events, our selection of flooring options will meet your requirements.

Commercial temporary buildings benefit from being able to be prepared on most surfaces without the need for a concrete foundation. This means that if you’re happy with the surface, you can have something as raw as a car park as your foundation, saving time and money. However, we offer a selection of options. Please get in touch for more details.

A Range Of Flooring Options Make Our Temporary Structures Perfect For Most Businesses

Flexible Payment for Temporary Buildings

Temporary buildings from Instant Space can be purchased new or pre-owned, offering finance options to spread the cost over time. Alternatively, leasing the structure is also a viable option, potentially providing tax benefits. If you’re uncertain, there’s always the option to rent short-term and trial the building.

Temporary Building Costs and Timescales

Traditional building work often comes with unforeseen costs and extended timescales. This is not the case with temporary buildings. Thanks to their prefabricated nature, both the temporary building costs and construction process are entirely predictable. Typically, your temporary building from Instant Space will be ready within five weeks, with the installation itself completed in under a week.

Extending Your Temporary Building

There may come a time when you require more space due to seasonal peaks, contract wins, or organic growth. Unlike conventional buildings, extending a temporary building is a quick and non-disruptive process. You can rent additional prefabricated roof, floor, and wall units for the period you need extra space, then retract to the original size once the need has passed.

Instant Space Temporary Structures Suit A Wide Array Of Uses
Ensure Your Staff Safety Within Your Temporary Building With Instant Space

Lifespan of Temporary Buildings

Temporary buildings are built to last. With a strong and durable aluminium frame carrying a 10-year guarantee, these structures can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance and care.

Key Features of Temporary Buildings

Ensure Your Staff Safety Within Your Temporary Building With Instant Space

Glazed Window Panels and Glass Doors

Temporary structures don’t have to be plain and dark. As well as our translucent ceilings allowing plenty of light, you can add glazed window panels and glass doors. These help to provide ventilation and further improve the aesthetic of your temporary structure, turning it into a pleasant workspace and enhancing the structure’s looks to match the existing buildings at your location better.

Glazed doors also improve visibility and access for staff and visitors, ensuring a secure and safe environment.

Strengthen Your Transport Business With Instant Space'S Flexible Commercial Temporary Buildings

So, What are the Typical Temporary Building Costs?

You may be hoping for a vague estimate of typical temporary building costs, however that isn’t possible. With each building bespoke designed for our customers, and dependant on the size, location, materials, and intended usage, the costs for each building differs significantly. As we’ve laid out, above, the typical cost works out at around 75% of that of a typical brick-and-mortar building. 

These turn-key solutions, which can be installed on-site in under a week without requiring any groundwork, come in a wide range of sizes and specifications. We offer options for electrical fit-out, generators, heavy-duty mobile heaters, LED lighting, and our temporary structures can even be linked to existing buildings. So why hang on to traditional building concepts – you can save money and time with temporary buildings from Instant Space. Contact us today to discuss your needs and to get an initial quote.