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Materials and Technical Specifications

What Makes Instant Space The Most Effective Temporary Building Provider

Instant Space is dedicated to providing the highest quality temporary structures with exceptional materials and technical specifications. Our structures adhere to stringent DIN codes and feature full structural calculations. Discover the superior materials and design elements that ensure durability, safety, and reliability in our temporary structures.


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Our temporary structures are produced using steel-reinforced, high-grade extruded aluminium. We offer structures with varying snow and wind loads, up to hurricane level, to accommodate diverse requirements. All steel components are galvanised for optimum resistance to corrosion and extended lifespan.

Our structures are also designed with flexibility in mind. They can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured to adapt to changing needs. This modularity extends to the size of our structures, too, as they are available in a range of widths, lengths, and heights to accommodate any space requirements.

Many Of Our Temporary Structures Are Fitted With Sub-Roof Fabric Lining​
Insulated Wall Panels​ Allow Our Temporary Structures To Be Suitable For Use All Year Round

Standard Wind loads and Snow loads

Instant Space structures are designed with a minimum wind load of 0.65 kn/m² and a minimum snow load of 25.00 kg/m².

We can enhance our structures for locations prone to extreme weather conditions to withstand higher wind and snow loads. This means that the structure can withstand hurricane-force winds and regular heavy snowfall, ensuring the safety and security of the people and property.

Durable Steel Panel Walls

Our standard structures feature walls composed of steel panels. Each wall panel is custom-made and fits securely into specially designed runners within the frame. The panels are riveted together and reinforced with steel centre posts for added strength.

The design of our steel panels not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of our structures but also significantly increases their rigidity and robustness. This design feature makes them highly resistant to impacts and various forms of wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability.
A Range Of Flooring Options Make Our Temporary Structures Perfect For Most Businesses
Your Staff Won'T Need To Sweat, Or Freeze, Thanks To Our Heating And Air Con Options

Secure Foundation and Anchoring System

The frame connects to steel base plates, anchored to the ground using steel ground pins (minimum length approx. 1.00m) or stud anchors. This method requires no additional foundations and is suitable for most level, firm surfaces.

Our anchoring system ensures maximum stability and security for our structures. The steel base plates are engineered to distribute the weight of the structure evenly across the ground, reducing pressure on any one point and ensuring a stable foundation.

Robust and Fireproof Roof Design

Instant Space temporary structures are equipped with a highly flexible, robust, and durable technical fabric roof coated in white PVC. The inner sub-roof lining is made of white translucent material, extending approximately 20cm before the interior walls. Both the outer and inner roof materials are fireproofed, ensuring safety in various applications.

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Safety Features, Such As Fire Doors For Personnel, Are Essential On Your Temporary Building

Personnel Escape Doors

The safety of your staff working within one of our temporary buildings is paramount to us. That is why each structure has personnel escape doors for added safety and ease of access. These doors are typically located at the front and rear of each structure.

For larger buildings, additional access points and personnel escape doors can be fitted to the side walls. These are available at an additional cost and must be specified at the time of purchase.

Let Instant Space Create the Perfect Temporary Structure for You

Instant Space is committed to providing top-quality temporary structures with exceptional materials and technical specifications. Our adherence to rigorous safety regulations, utilisation of premium materials, and incorporation of safety features make our structures a reliable and secure choice for various industries, including automotive dealerships, warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, construction, retail, and even emergency services.  Discover the superior materials and features that make Instant Space today’s most effective temporary building provider.​