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We occasionally have second hand units available, which are listed below. However, if you would like a quote for a new unit, we can supply any width, length and height, so if you would like a price to fit your site, please get in touch – drop us an email at sales@instant-space co.uk or give us a call on 01543 410004 for more details – we really look forward to hearing from you.

See Our Used Temporary Buildings for Sale

Below are our past and present opportunities to review our used temporary buildings for sale. You will find a variety of sizes, colour options and features to choose from. We have a great selection of buildings that can be used for temporary storage, construction or retail projects. All our buildings come with an extensive warranty and are easy to assemble. Please click on the images to discover more information about the structure.

Used Temporary Buildings For Sale

Temporary Building – Ref: 1602

For Sale
Instant Space

Temporary Building – Ref: 1312

Temporary Buildings

Temporary Building – Ref: 0610

Safety Features, Such As Fire Safety Doors, Are Fitted To Our Temporary Buildings

Temporary Building – Ref: 1805

7m wide x 11m long x 4m high

This Temporary Canopy Extends The Usable Work Area Into Previously Unused Land

Temporary Canopy – Ref: 0802

12m wide x 11m long x 5m high

For Sale
Rolling Shutters Are Just One Of Many Options On Our Temporary Buildings

Temporary Warehouse – Ref: 1602

6m wide x 10m long x 5m high

Cancelled - This Temporary Building Is No Longer For Sale

Temporary Building / Temporary Warehousing – Storage Structure Ref: 1402

Our Temporary Buildings Can House Stock, Equipment, Work Space, Or Even Large Vehicles

Temporary Structure – Ref: 2303

15m wide x 21m long x 3.5m high

This Temporary Canopy Helps Prevent Weather-Damage To Stock As It Is Loaded Or Unloaded

Temporary Canopy – Ref: 0511

10m wide x 20m long x 6m high

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Should You Consider Used Temporary Buildings for Sale

As a business owner, you always seek ways to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. One area where this can be achieved is by purchasing second-hand temporary buildings. If you’re lucky enough to find used temporary buildings for sale that suit your needs perfectly, you have a golden opportunity to benefit from the significant cost savings that buying a used temporary warehouse building or canopy can offer. 

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing a used temporary building for sale is cost-effectiveness. Financial constraints can often impede business growth and expansion. However, with used temporary buildings, you can acquire the needed space at a fraction of the cost of constructing a new structure or renting a traditional building. This reduced initial investment allows you to allocate resources to other critical areas of your business, such as operations, marketing, or staff development.

Used temporary buildings provide flexibility. As your business evolves, your spatial requirements may also change. Whether you need to expand due to increased demand or downsize during slower periods, these structures can be easily modified, relocated, or sold again. This adaptability means you can respond quickly to changing market conditions without incurring significant costs or delays.

Additionally, the availability of used temporary warehouse buildings for sale offers a sustainable solution for businesses seeking to minimise their environmental footprint. By opting for pre-owned structures, not only are you reducing waste, but you’re also decreasing the raw materials and energy needed for new construction. This eco-friendly choice can enhance your company’s reputation among increasingly environmentally conscious consumers.

Of course, getting a quote for a customised temporary building is worth considering to allow you to compare prices and ensure you make the best decision for your business. Remember, whether new or used, the key is to purchase a solution to your organisation’s pain points, helping you to expand successfully and cost-effectively.