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Instant Space's Commitment to Quality and Safety Standards

Instant Space are a Leader in Temporary Building Safety Standards

At Instant Space, our primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction while maintaining the highest level of safety. Following UK and EU guidelines, we achieve this by adhering to strict quality and safety standards in our temporary structures’ design, manufacturing, and assembly. Discover how our dedication to quality and safety makes our structures ideal for various industries and applications.

Adherence to Rigorous DIN Codes

Our temporary structures are produced to the highest possible technical standards, following stringent DIN codes to ensure quality, reliability, and safety.

We provide space solutions that look professional and meet all legal requirements. We ensure this by using the highest quality materials and components when constructing your structure so that you can trust in its long-term performance.

Temporary Canopy
Versatile Temporary Warehouses Can Be Used For A Wide Range Of Temporary Storage And Production Uses.

High-Grade Materials and Manufacturing

Instant Space’s precision-made structures are manufactured using steel-reinforced, high-grade extruded aluminium. Clients can order structures with varying snow and wind loads up to hurricane level. All steel components are galvanised to provide optimum resistance to corrosion and ensure an extended lifespan.

All Instant Space structures are made using only the best materials to guarantee their safety and reliability. Every finished structure undergoes a rigorous inspection process before being released for use.

Designed for Quality and Durability

Our engineers have meticulously designed and produced our products with both quality and durability in mind. As a result, Instant Space’s structures are suitable for long-term requirements across a variety of industries.

As a market leader in temporary structures, Instant Space is proud to uphold the highest quality and safety standards in all of its products. Our commitment to excellence promises a secure, safe structure for your business.

Temporary Buildings
Temporary Warehouses And Other Temporary Structures Allow Businesses To Respond In An Agile And Effective Manner To Business Changes

Qualified and Trained Assembly Team

Instant Space employs a team of qualified and trained assembly supervisors and fitters to guarantee the safe and efficient installation of our structures. Our supervisors hold the Site Management Safety Training Scheme qualification for construction and civil engineering industries, as well as telehandler and forklift certificates. All fitters possess IPAF certificates for MEWPs work and attend in-house safety training sessions to ensure the highest standards of safety during assembly.


Our Temporary Building Safety Standards are Second to None.

Instant Space’s commitment to quality and safety standards ensures that our temporary structures are reliable and designed with the utmost attention to detail. Our adherence to rigorous safety standards, use of high-grade materials, and investment in a qualified and trained assembly team contribute to our products’ exceptional quality and safety. We look forward to helping you to discover how our temporary buildings can create quick and effective instant space for your business.