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From Semi-Insulated to Fully Insulated: Customising Your Temporary Building

If you’re in the warehousing business, you would know the importance of storage facilities to your operation. If you require short-term increased storage space for goods or have seasonal needs, you’ll no doubt wonder how you can best achieve the additional warehouse storage to keep your operations streamlined, increase productivity, and add to your bottom line.

At Instant Space, we provide rapid temporary warehousing solutions, and we can rescue you from any warehousing woes. Our structures are designed to meet the requirements of businesses, big and small, and to fully comply with BS EN 13782:2015  and UK building regulations. In this article, we will discuss the different customisation options available to you, from semi and fully-insulated temporary buildings to air conditioning or specialist flooring, so that you can choose the best choice for your business needs.

Customising Temporary Storage to Suit Your Business Needs.

At Instant Space, we provide customisation options for your temporary storage buildings. We understand that every business has unique challenges that demand relevant solutions. Our team is dedicated to working with you to create a temporary building structure that meets your specific needs. Whether it is storage space, specific dimensions or layouts, or even customised finishes, we are here to serve you.

The Benefits of Insulated Temporary Buildings

One of the key customisation requests for most buildings is full or partial insulation. Insulated buildings can provide cost-efficiency for businesses that require storage facilities. Here are some ways insulated buildings can save your business money in the long term:

Energy Efficiency

Insulated buildings’ main advantages are that they are more energy-efficient than non-insulated structures. Insulation resists heat flow, so a well-insulated building will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter without needing as much heating or cooling equipment. Consequently, energy consumption will decrease, and utility bills will be lower than for non-insulated structures.

Reduced Repair and Maintenance Costs

Insulated buildings can also reduce repair and maintenance costs in the long term. Proper insulation can prevent moisture from penetrating the walls, which can cause rust and deterioration in structures, and damage to your stock.

Increases Lifespan

Insulation can also improve the lifespan of a building. Proper insulation preserves the building by preventing damage caused by the weather, especially water damage. As a result, the building will have a longer lifespan, which will save your business money in the long run because you won’t have to replace your storage facilities as frequently.

Protects Your Products

Fully insulated buildings offer better protection for your stored products than non-insulated buildings. They provide a more controlled environment, allowing you to store products that require specific temperature, humidity, and air quality conditions. This can save you money in the long term by reducing the risk of product damage or loss due to improper storage conditions.


Finally, insulated buildings are eco-friendly. They reduce your business’s carbon footprint by requiring less energy for temperature control, which also benefits the environment. Using less energy in your insulated storage facility reduces your business’s greenhouse gas emissions, saving you money on carbon credits and taxes.

Additional Customisation Options

At Instant Space, we offer various customisation options to create a solution that suits your business needs. Beyond insulation, there are many other customisation options that you can choose that can make a significant difference to how your temporary building functions.


The flooring of your warehouse storage facility can significantly impact your business operations. Whether you require a high-impact-resistant floor, an epoxy coating for easy maintenance, or a damp-proof membrane, we have the flooring solutions to meet your business needs.

Door Positions

Depending on the size of your storage needs, you may need multiple points of entry for easier access. At Instant Space, we offer customisable door positions to ensure the easiest possible access for your needs. This can also reduce the risk of damage caused by frequent forklift hits, resulting in fewer repair and maintenance costs.


If your business requires electrical installations in your temporary warehouse structure to operate effectively, Instant Space can provide you with customised electrical fittings that suit your specific requirements. This includes power distribution units, lighting, and plug-and-play installations, so your business can operate smoothly.

Air Conditioning

If your stored goods require specific temperature or humidity conditions, our fully insulated warehouse solutions come with the option of temperature control systems. Air conditioning can be added to keep the inside temperature consistent, ensuring that your products remain in optimal condition.

Painted to Match Local Area

The colour of your temporary building is not only aesthetic but can also serve a purpose by blending your structure with its surroundings. This is important for businesses located in residential or commercial communities, where aesthetics play a role in the community’s perception of your business. Moreover, for businesses that operate international supply chains, matching the local settings can help your building structure blend harmoniously with its environment.

By considering all these customisation options, businesses can have a bespoke solution that meets their specific requirements. This can lead to more efficient business operations, a significant reduction in energy costs, and more specific protection for stored goods. Ultimately, this can lead to a cost-efficient storage solution that provides significant savings in the long term.


At Instant Space, we provide a comprehensive range of temporary warehousing solutions, including customisation options tailored to suit your unique needs. Our bespoke temporary building structures are designed to meet the demands of your business, whether you require an increase in storage, relocation of your current storage, or even a temporary office. We put our clients first, and we are always on hand to provide professional advice and guidance in choosing the best solution that suits your needs. Contact us today to get started.